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Following years of experience breeding quails, we came up with the idea to slaughter, process and market this product directly to the final client, and in 1980 the Urgel Ganadera S.A. URGASA company, a quail slaughterhouse located in Juneda (Lleida), the hometown of the company’s founder, was created.

Due to an increase in demand, in 1984 SAT 5749 Codornices Urgell was created, and the intensive rearing of quail was reorganized with investments in fattening farms, breeding farms and a hatchery, controlling the complete integrated production cycle: slaughter, preservation and marketing. We also began marketing select game birds to repopulate hunting grounds.

In 1988 we acquired a quail slaughterhouse in Zuera (Zaragoza), creating the company Codornices La Font, S.L.

In 1991 the URGASA slaughterhouse needed a complete makeover. We invested in an innovative multipurpose chain to slaughter quail, poussins and partridges in the same facility, doubling production in two shifts. This new operation allowed production and storage of the dressed carcasses to be centralized in a single facility and for the production in Zuera to be moved to Juneda permanently.

With the new innovative installations outfitted in accordance with the strictest European standards, in 1998 we began our venture into exportation, consolidating sales in neighboring France and continuing our sales expansion throughout Europe.

In late 2001 we acquired the Aeropic S.A. quail slaughterhouse in Butsènit (Lleida). A large investment was made to modernize and automate the slaughter, making this facility one of the most modern slaughterhouses in Europe and giving us greater flexibility in production and supplying the growing European market thanks to the quality of our products and their market acceptance.

TRANSJUNEDA S.L. company was also created in 2001. This company provides transportation services, offering a logistics solution for all activities of the group. "Domestic and international transport in refrigerated trucks, transport of live animals, transport of feed to farms, waste transport," which currently has a large fleet of vehicles.

The group’s internationalization came about in 2006 with the acquisition of France’s leading company in the sector, Caillor S.A., transforming the group into Europe’s benchmark business group in the quail sector. Caillor S.A. produces live animals for breeding and production and quail eggs for consumption. It has a hatchery and two slaughterhouses, one with a water finishing system for standard quail and another for quail finished with wax, highly prized for its perfect finish to satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

Currently the group has holds the highest quail production in Europe. In Spain it produces over 45 million quail chicks per year and in France over 24 million. Partridges and poussins are bred in addition to quails, and quail eggs are sold in different formats: fresh, cooked and peeled, perfect for food service and home consumption.

Finally, in 2011 all shares of Sagra S.A., which the group partnered with since 2004, were acquired. This enabled specialization of the slaughter facilities, making Sagra S.A. a slaughterhouse of select birds (pheasants, poulardes, capons, ducks and more) and a cutting and processing plant that offers specific select products for every market need. In recent years the group has increased its exports and expansion beyond Europe’s borders. This growth has been possible thanks to the impeccable and carefully crafted image of our frozen products and the work of our sales team at the most prestigious international trade fairs.

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