A specific line of products with the halal seal of approval

Certificado Halal Urgasa

Most religions are characterized by a culinary tradition. Foods that are permissible for Muslims are called halal; foods permissible for Jews, kosher, and also in the Christian tradition there are also specific eating customs (as fasting and abstinence). A list of permissible and non-permissible foods for Muslims has been developed according to Islamic law or sharia, and guidelines for how foods are prepared and cooked have been established.

Halal certification is the process of guaranteeing quality as applied to foods according to halal rules and other preestablished documents. Halal foods are offered to Islamic communities by companies and organizations in the countries where they live, in the European Union and for export to Muslim-majority countries.
Halal certification is managed by the Halal Institute and the following requirements must be met: Foods must not include or contain anything in their composition which is considered illegal under Islamic law.
Foods must be processed, prepared, transported and stored employing appropriate equipment and facilities that are free from any activity considered illegal under Islamic law.
Foods must not have been in direct contact with other foods that do not meet the above requirements.

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